Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dreams really do come true...

The three most beautiful words in the whole world.

They are YOURS!!

Court was today at 10am, I was the very FIRST into see the judge in a room full of waiting parents ; she's asks a few questions then said the magical words that we all wait for: they.are.yours. The judge is kind and wonderful and has been doing family court for many years. I AM OVER THE MOON CRAZY HAPPY!!! Shared this special time with new friends from - our kids know each other and we will keep them in touch in Canada.

Tomorrow I will travel with another family to Woylata to visit my girls parents and return the next day. When I return,  I will pick Beletu and Mekdes up at the orphange :) !! Then I can take as many pictures as I want , but may not be able to send from here but will try from the Friendship Centre internet site. good connections.

It has been difficult to get though on my phone and sometimes our internet is not working at my guest house, so if you dont hear from me every single day, I am off shopping and drinking latte's in the sun, LOL.

I will be off to the Canadian embassy next week with the girls looking like a million bucks, and requesting assistance to get our visa's done, please!

Thank you for your prayers and wishes, it truly was felt way over there !!!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tonight is the night!

While we are sleeping tonight, Shirley will be attending court.  Please pray that all goes well.  She has waited for this moment her whole life!  She is having some trouble with her internet connection and phone.  I was able to chat briefly with her this morning and she was much calmer and composed than I.  Hoping to hear from her bright and early tomorrow morning.....I will post as soon as I know.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The best 1/2 hr of my life (so far)!

It was today, but I was not allowed to identify myself until after court  - B came running up to me first then M later - not one other kid thought I was very interesting (until the bubbles and flash cards), so they are truly meant to be mine.  I just met another family who has siblings and live in  and her kids did the same, ran right up to them! meant to be :)
B is the little mommy and helped the little ones blow the bubbles and we did english flashcards while they were teaching me Amharic and laughing at me - the white girl.  They knew most of them, except the penguin :) and all could count to 10  - M is shy and quiet ( for now!). I only spent about 30 minutes there but will get them on Saturday after I meet their parents which is an overnight trip. It was amazing to hold them , if only for a few seconds.
I am getting over a stomach pain/flu thing that kept me up all last night ( you will thank me to skip THOSE details!) so I'm hunkering down with the movie channel , bubbly water and some delicious pasta from down the street - yummy
*shirley, removed and abbreviated some thoughts.  When you arrive home you can repost. *smile*

Monday, November 29, 2010

A wonderful friend

I am starting a blog for a fabulous friend of mine, Shirley.  She makes me laugh (all the time).  My children love her and anxiously look forward to her visits.  My sons often comment that if they didn't have a mom...the would choose Shirley.  We are blessed to have her friendship.

Shirley is currently in Ethiopia waiting to become a mama to two beautiful girls, B and M.  Thursday is her big day (Wednesday night in Canada), and we will be on our knees in prayer for Shirley's dream to finally be realized.  We ask that you pray too. 

Below is an e-mail I received last week from Shirley.  Enjoy!

Ethiopia is amazing. amazing. when you are here it's easy to find a driver to hire, who will be with you all day if you want, takes you to places you might not know about. There are of course many  adopting families who have stayed here at the Weygoss and are happy to recommend someone. I have found my driver/guide now so when my kids are with me I feel good about showing them around their beautiful country. Yes, they all drive crazy there are no signs and very few traffic lights but lots of honking, few accidents and a very kind society who lets the next guy in :) - I feel totally safe.

Spent the day at a great book store and bought some things for the girls and a few for me. All english books which were SO cheap here. For example a book that cost $25  is about $4 here . Had burgers and french fries for lunch today, they put taragon in the burger meat and it's delicious. - they like to over grease everything here, so you have to tell them 'no grease', then you're ok.  I am slowing learning Amharic but have been lazy b/c our driver does all the work for you :)

I am trying to uplead pictures but it's too slow so might have to wait until home.

When in Rome.....I had my first squatting toilet experience today and did not fall in - yippee!!! when you gotta go, you just go :)

Feel free to share my adventures with anyone over there who wants to know - I am trying to keep a daily diary for my kids and me when dementia starts in about 5 years . And I will off  print off these message for them when I get home.

I have taken loads of acidopholius before I left , and still take every day. Got rid of my head cold with many hours of sleep, oregeno oil (it takes HORRIBLE and it works), cold fx, airborne tablets and lots of bottled water and orange juice.

Driving so much today in Addis , there is so much poverty in the streets similar to a large city anywhere I guess, but it's very hard to ignore the women who come to your windows with their baby's in their arms begging for food. You cannot give to them b/c it's now made illegal to give out as it creates many more problems than it solves. Much better to give to local food kitchens/agencies who help those on the streets with food and shelter. Very hard to see this and really makes you aware how wasteful we are in our society.

I have satelite TV in my room and about 7 stations, so dancing with the stars in on now - they have never heard of cable TV here. The water is hot but the shower drips slowly :), so you need to just get in and out. Good enough for me! The coffee is strong and yummy :).  This journey to my kids has been so much more than I ever expected and I am grateful to be here in their birth country, it's beautiful and I am already plotting and planning to bring them back in 5yrs.

Better get going, have some organizing to do in this messy room :)
Thank you for the e-mails, it makes me feel less homesick :)